We start with your ideas and add high style, craft and creativity.  The mission of Mercurius is to provide the finest quality products and services from a wide range of materials.  Jewelry should be extremely personal, and that means designing not only with you in mind, but also with you as part of the process.


Every couple has a story and we love to help you turn that story into a meaningful symbol of your love.  Custom jewelry allows you to get exactly what you want on this important occasion.  Whether you start with a vague sense of what you’d like, or a precise idea of elements you want to include, we will walk you through every step of the design process to create something you will cherish.

State Rings

Wedding bands are both a symbolic and real representation of your commitment. Rings invoke an endless circle of love and devotion.  The ring is an actual object that you use when you make a commitment and that you will wear in your daily life.  With this in mind we approach the creation of your wedding bands with all the respect and care that they are due.

Jupiter Ring

A pendant made from a family heirloom, an astrological ring, a commemoration of a baby’s birth, earrings to celebrate a significant occasion…the reasons for custom jewelry are infinite. Every project is unique and we love them all.  We’ll work with you in turning your idea into a precious object you will cherish.

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