The Orchid Ring

Working with Brian was such a joy.  He showed up with estate stones, energy, excitement and an open heart.  The rest flowed very naturally. 

In his own words:

“Mom’s emerald cut wedding diamond had been stored in my safe for almost four years. Just waiting for me to reset it. 

Mom wore this diamond every day for almost fifty years of her life. Our conversation revolved around Mom, how much she meant to me and, eventually, my love of orchids. 

We worked on several revisions of our concept and then cast the ring with gold and sapphires from a bracelet my mother was wearing when she died. 

It is the most beautiful piece of jewelry and I will wear it every day of my life. I look at it hundreds of times a day and can feel that Mom is with me.”

Thanks Brian.  It was truly an honor to help make this possible.   


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